I stumbled into photography accidentally and incidentally. My earliest memory of a camera was that of my father’s vintage Rolleiflex. To a 10 year old it was the most interesting toy and I couldn't have been more excited to get my hands on them. I instantly assumed the role of a photographer and decided to play around with it. Soon after which I was told off and my childhood exploration ended rather abruptly. Of course, it wasn't until much later into my adolescent years that I truly understood the world of photography and my professional career only began in 2014.

My greatest passions in life have always been music and photography. Probably because they were the only things that have always been accessible to me. So while I spent my early years dabbling a successful career in music, I've now found an equally resounding calling in photography. It allows me to explore my creative and technical abilities and also combine the two.

My source of inspiration is purely instinctive as I am constantly searching for beauty. My style is to capture a certain mood or a moment in time. My fascination of geometry also translates itself into my frame either in the choice of composition of my use of space. I believe that composition is everything and that is art in itself. That is also the reason I enjoy taking photos of architecture and interiors, people (as they also form shapes, rather interesting ones at that), mood, colour and everything else in between that intrigues me. I am hoping to travel and explore more interesting people, places and cultures to shoot as I pick up on the energy of my surrounding environment.

And so the story is still to be continued…


My 1st camera, the Rolleiflex SL350 built in 1976.